KTA Planning Limited


Pauline Lam (Deputy Managing Director)

Qualifications: B.A. (Hons) Town & Country Planning, B. Planning (with Credit), Master (Urban Design), MRTPI, MHKIP, RPP, RUP (Qualifications) PRC

Pauline is a town planner with over 20 years of town planning, master layout planning, and development consultancy experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China. She has proficient and sound experience in directing, managing and coordinating a variety of government infrastructure and private sector projects. She also has extensive experience in a wide variety of development proposals both within the urban and rural context. This includes coordination of multi-disciplinary study teams for both the public and private sector clients, for the preparation of statutory and non-statutory planning submissions for various different land uses in Hong Kong; and the preparation of numerous master layout plan submissions for sites in the rural New Territories of Hong Kong and for major cities in Mainland China.